How To Get Accepted Into CPA Networks

CPA Networks are just affiliate networks that pay commission based on actions (Cost-Per-Action) and not just sales and revenue share like most affiliate programs.

If you want to know what CPA Networks look like, I suggest you go take a look at one of my favorite, Hydra Network, at

If you want to apply, I must warn you. Most CPA Networks are very difficult when it comes to accepting new affiliates. A while ago, a friend of mine wrote an article about how to get accepted in CAP Networks. I asked him the permission to share it with you.

STEP 1: The first thing you need is a host. I chose hostgator because it is super easy. If you’re a noob, go with hostgator. Take the swam package at 14$ a month and get a coupon code (search google) to get it for $5.

STEP 2: Register some domains. I would suggest going to to get some domains for free because if you don’t know what you’re doing spending money on domain isn’t good. Now play with it and get your domain hosted, get an email address that you host with your domain name. If you don’t know how, learn!!

STEP 3: Go to wordpress and learn how yo use it. Build some blogs (3 or so) about anything with a couple of posts and some ads. If you don’t know how, LEARN! Once you get into one CPA company, put the CPA ads on them as the other companies will see that and like it.

STEP 4: You need to be ready to answer all those questions from the CPA company:

Q:How many uniques a month do you get?


Q:How do you get traffic?

A:I build blogs and webpages and I get traffic through PPC on google.

Q:How long have you been doing Internet Marketing?

A:1 year and a half

Q:What has worked for you in the past?

A:Only PPC

Q:What vertical/category/kind of offer you want to promote, or have promoted in the past?

A:Anything that converts, I’ve done gaming, freebies, health, ringtones, email submit, etc..

Q:Do you offer incentives?


Q:How much do you spend on advertising?

A:100$ per day

Q:Do you work with other network, which ones?

A:YES, name any that you have been accepted at or name any random ones.

Q:How did you hear about us?

A:My friend told me, but he doesn’t work with you.

STEP 5: On a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday (not a Friday), go apply to all the networks on the list of CPA Networks. Use your email with your domain. Use your websites. And use your pre-rehearsed answers to fill the forms.

Step 6: Between 1PM-6PM (weekday) call all of them. You should have all their numbers in your email inbox. They WILL call you and if you don’t pick up you WILL get denied. Might as well call them and be ready.

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