Face to Face Customer Service – What Not to Do

The true essence of outstanding customer service is respect. The consumer is an educated buyer they are not there to become your new best friend, so don’t treat them like one. Respect their position because effectively, they are your boss. Without your customers you won’t generate any income and therefore, will not have a business. To provide customer service guaranteed to bring them back think of how you like to be treated when you’re the customer.

Here are 10 things guaranteed to leave a bad impression:

1) Making a customer wait while you are having a personal conversation with someone, either on the phone or in person

2) Not acknowledging the customer when they first enter the store

3) Not being able to answer a customers questions about your products/services

4) Giving the customer the impression that you are too busy to spend too long helping them

5) Not smiling not even once

6) Being too friendly, eg. patting the customer on the back, or putting a hand on their shoulder, invading their personal space

7) Being too enthusiastic

8) Trying to over-sell

9) Having poor personal hygiene or dress standards

10) Not saying thank you when the customer leaves

There are many different things that annoy different customers. The ones listed above are just a few. There will be posts on how to have excellent customer service skills, both over the phone and face to face.

However, when in doubt, always remember that the consumer writes your pay cheque so treat them like a boss with respect, courtesy, tact and diplomacy.

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