5 Reasons to Own A Small Business

1) Be your own boss

Being the boss of your own business means there will be no-one to police your toilet breaks (or how much toilet paper you’ve used). You could buy all the matching stationery you want without having to justify it to the company accountant. Best of all if you’re ten minutes late for work you don’t need to spend five minutes trying to come up with a plausible late note.

2) Deal with customer complaints in your own way

Dealing with customer complaints effectively is an art form, especially if you can manage it without getting upset. If you own your small business though and a customer took it upon themselves to give you a dressing down, you can simply tell them to take a hike and not worry about them asking to speak to the manager.

3) What’s owned by the business is owned by you

If you really, really, really like the look of that heavy duty electronic stapler and think it would look great on your television cabinet at home then you can take it without fear of there being a police investigation.

4) Set your own hours

Sure, your closing time might be listed at 5.00pm but leaving three hours earlier to go and have beer with the boys isn’t going to hurt anyone, right?

5) In small business you’ll pick up more than just tricks of the trade

You’re out on the town and get asked what you do for a living. Your answer could be: Yeah, I work at Franklins or I own my own business: [insert head wobble here]. Hmm, which one do you think would be a better conversation starter?

DISCLAIMER : opening a small business for the above reasons is not a guarantee of success. Think you can make a success of a small business? Maybe you’re looking at starting your own business in the future? Or perhaps you already have one, and are looking for some fresh ideas. No matter what your reason, Small Business Scope, is all about small business, from start up to wind up and hopefully all the riches in between.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or suggestions.

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