Ghost Capture App Review | Mobile Augmented Reality

Ghost Capture is an augmented reality app that lets you add realistic ghosts to your photos.  When you launch the app you are able to choose the photo you want to use. You can get a photo from your camera roll, or take one within the app. Then you can select the ghosts you would like to include. You can pinch to resize the ghost and adjust the transparency to achieve a realistic look. You can then save your photo, email it to friends, or submit it to the online gallery. The app worked great and is the best for adding ghost effects to your photos for easy sharing with friends.

Create realistic paranormal photo manipulations right on your iPhone and iPod Touch**!

With Ghost Capture, you can manipulate any photo from your iPhone photo album. After choosing an image, (or taking a new photo directly through Ghost Capture) select a ghost to superimpose onto the photo. Choose from creepy Victorian children, faceless torsos, Civil War soldiers, ghostly orbs, and more. After placing the ghost, slip the horizontal, adjust the size, rotation, and transparency to achieve the optimum effect. Don’t like the way your ghost is turning out? Hit the reset button to put it back in the center of the screen for you to start over or even select a different ghost! Save and email your creation to your friends, and let them judge for themselves!

App Store Link: Ghost Capture

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