Providing Quality Telephone Service

Often a customer’s first impression of your business will be obtained over the telephone. They may ring to find out your address, or get a quote either way how you handle the phone call will play a part in determining whether the customer will utilize your service.

It’s difficult to provide quality phone service without a conscious effort as the customer cannot read your body language, therefore everything has to be portrayed via your voice.

Here are some tips on improving your telephone service:

1) Answer the phone with a professional greeting

It is common practice to answer an incoming call with a greeting. For example, Good morning, ABC Design, Anna speaking.

2) Smile

Smile when you answer the phone. This will help you to portray a pleasant tone, however, don’t be too effervescent. You may feel like an idiot for the first few times, but it will become second nature.

3) Watch the tone and pace of your voice

4) Obtain the callers name

People love hearing their name and it helps to create an image of a relationship. Ask for the callers name and don’t be afraid to use it.

5) Try not to place the customer on hold

At times this may be inevitable so if you do need to place a customer on hold, ensure you don’t leave them dangling for too long. If it looks like they will be on hold for a while, ask them if they would prefer a call back. Alternatively, every minute or so, take the phone off hold and tell the customer you won’t be too much longer.

6) Ensure you’ve answered the callers query

When the call is winding up, ask the caller if there is anything else you can help them with. Make sure that they are happy with the information you provided. If possible, obtain permission to call them back in a week or so to see if they will be utilizing your business.

7) Leave them with the impression that you valued their call

For example, thanks again for your phone call and please, if you have any other questions don’t hesitate to call or pop in and see me.

It may also be an idea to keep a brief log of phone calls. This way if you receive a phone call from someone saying that they called last week about xyz, you can quickly find their card via their name and inform them that yes, you remember the phone conversation. This will give the customer a feeling of importance and linkage with you and your business.

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